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About the band

From Kelowna, BC, Canada, Lefty has been bringing their version of high energy rock to venues across the Southern Interior BC. Regulars around the Okanagan and Festival scene, Lefty looks to introduce their music to as many ears as possible. The band started in 2005 when guitarist Moge Thompson and drummer Marc Gobeil met to jam and realized there was a like-minded desire to create new music. The band picked up bass player Greg Beloin in 2010 and lead vocalist Paul Gervais in 2011. A primarily original band until 2012, Lefty introduced covers into their show in 2013 which introduced them to a new audience and new venues. Lefty takes familiar multi-generational covers from many genres and ages and adds a modern twist that appeals to a broad audience. Guitarist Moge is the driving force behind the band's original music and his influences span the spectrum of hard rock and punk. "Our original music has often been compared to Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam and Three Days Grace," states the band. "We just really love making music and sharing it with others," the band was quoted as saying, "our goal as a band is to keep on putting out new music and the fact that people are really digging what we're putting out there makes us love doing this even more." For bookings or inquiries, Lefty can be contacted at booklefty@gmail.com

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada